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Are You a Beernut?

Do you enjoy drinking beer for reasons other than having an excuse for your low standards? Other than the good buzz after a long day at work? Do you like it for its unique qualities & tastes?

Beerfoot offers over 100 selections of beer to satisfy your cravings, and when you select to be a Beer Nut you pledge to be a part of a select community opting to enjoy each of these varieties. How does being rewarded for your beer obsession sound?

When you become a Beer Nut, you’re not only first informed of monthly Beerfoot events, but you qualify to earn points on EVERY beer you drink!


To become a Beer Nut, pay $18 and fill out an application on your next visit! Information must include: Name, DOB, Address, Email, & Phone Number. In return you gain benefits of being a Beer Nut, a BeerFoot T-Shirt, and a magnetic card to keep track of your points.

Once you have a card, register it on this page!


When you become a Beer Nut you become eligible to earn points on every beer you drink! Simply hand the bartender your Beer Nut card at check out to collect 1 pt. (2pts on Fridays!) on every dollar spent! Once you’ve earned 250 points, you will be eligible for a $25 gift card!