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Galveston’s Beachfront


Beerfoot was established in 2012 to enjoy all things beer. We want to share with our guests our appreciation for the great creation of craft beer, because we love to drink. There are some amazing local crafter breweries in our area and we love sharing their beers to the public.

What we have to offer:

  • 33 Draft Craft Beers

  • 100+ Bottles & Cans of Craft Beer

  • Spirits & Wines

Our niche: Not your regular ale house…We are hoping to find the next great craft brewer and say “we knew him when.” Homebrewers are invited to use our top of the line brewing system to produce there best for you to try and critique. Every cycle we will have a new brewer and a new flavor. These beers will be the freshest most unique in all of Texas.

Location: It replaces the 51 year home of Club D’Elegance. We have transformed the place into an open air beach view beer joint on 28th and Seawall.